Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy outlined on this page discusses what information we collect and how we use it.

Please make sure to fully read and understand the terms stated on this page.

Privacy Policy

HostRush is a web hosting company based in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY, founded in the end of 2012. Our list of clients includes individuals and small and businesses from all over the world. We have designed our packages for small business, personal and SOHO customers.

Our offerings include shared hosting, WordPress hosting, virtual and dedicated hosting.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We would like to be as open and transparent as possible about how we collect and maintain your personal data. Our privacy policy explains what our general policy of collecting data is, how you can limit our use to this data/collection, how you may view what data we have collected on you, how we protect your data, how to contact us regarding questions and concerns and how we will keep you updated.

1. Our General Policy of what information we collect.

To run our day to day operations of a web hosting business, it is necessary to collect information from you to a certain degree. Without this, online businesses like us would not be able to operate.

  • Personal Information

    To create an account in our system, you will have to provide us with your name, address, email address, telephone number, password and optionally a company name. When purchasing one of our hosting plans, you will also have to give us the name of your domain name to be hosted.

    To pay for services, you may have to give your email address associated with Paypal, our payment processor. As of this writing,we do not collect any financial information from our clients. When you make a purchase, you will do so using Paypal, we will never see any of your financial information.

  • Protocol Information and Similar Technologies

    • IP Address

      An IP address is a number in the form of or 3ffe:1900:4545:3:200:f8ff:fe21:67cf which identifies a network node, which among other things can be a computer, your computer from which you browse our site or use any of our services. We collect IP addresses from all users which browse our site or use any of our services.

    • Server - Script Information

    • When you browse our site, via the use of HTTP request and response headers, our system can detect various particulars about your environment such as your browser, operating system and which site or url referred you to us.

    • Cookies

    • Cookies are small bits of information which are stored on your computer, which we can retrieve to try to identify you to an account or to track you or show custom tailored content. Like most sites, we also use cookies.

2. How We Use the Information We Collect

  • For Our Day to Day Business Operations

    The personal information we collect is used to run our day to day business operations. For example to send you an invoice, answer a support ticket or set up your account. We also use it to improve and revise our services. We may discontinue hosting plans which are not popular and develop plans which are.

  • To Improve our Service and Keep Statistics

    We use your non personal information, in addition to run our day to day operations, to further understand our site visitors and identify trends. Let's say if we see an influx from a particular geographic region or particular product, we can learn and enhance our service.

3. Who can See Your Personal Information

Generally, outside of HostRush operations, your personal information is not shared or accessible by anyone unless:

  • You Give us Permission

    If you permit us to share your information with a third party, we will do so with your consent.

  • It is necessary to run our business

    We may share your information with third party vendors when it becomes required for us to do so in the normal course of business. Some of the industry standard software that we use is licensed per the number of users that we have. These vendors do automated audits and may see your personal information.

  • To comply with the law

    HostRush takes a strong stance in complying with and abiding by the law. We may release your personal information at the request of legal authorities. We will always release your personal information when ordered by the court.

4. How we Share Non Personal, Non Personally Identifiable Information

Cookies, Http Response Headers and IP addresses do not identify you personally. However they can detect the location which you are browsing from, your browser, screen resolution, ISP, operating system and so forth. We may share this information with web analytics companies which we use. With this we are able to see our visitor's activity on our site such as where they come from and what pages they browse.

5. How to See, Update or Delete Your Personal Information We Have on File

You may view all of your personal information by logging into the Client Area of our site. You may make any corrections or changes as you feel necessary. Changes will be effective immediately. To delete your personal information, you must first cancel any services which you have with us, then upon doing so contact us via support ticket or any other means you feel convenient and we will remove your account erase all of your personal information.

6. Safeguarding Your Information

We use SSL to encrypt your data. Passwords stored in our system are hashed. Hashing allows us to store your passwords in a form where they cannot be interpreted by looking at them. Access to the database which contains your information is limited to only certain individuals with administrative authority.

7. Updates and Changes to this Privacy Policy

We will amend this privacy policy from time to time. We will post any changes to this privacy policy on this page. If there is a significant change we will also notify you in a prominent way to get your attention.

8. Questions or Concerns Regarding Your Privacy or Our Privacy Policy

You may contact us at any time regarding your privacy via any of the methods below:

  1. You may open a support ticket in your client area.
  2. Fax us at 716-529-0001.
  3. Email us at
  4. Mail us at:
    322 Palmer St
    Jamestown, NY 14701


Last Updated: Apr-17-2021