About HostRush

Since 2012, we have been providing web hosting services to clients around the world.

We have a strong passion for software development and we created the WordPress preinstall script from scratch. This was eventually pulled out and we currently manually install WordPress and WP-CLI on our WordPress plans.

About Us

HostRush is a web hosting company based in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY, founded in the end of 2012. Our list of clients includes individuals and small businesses from all over the world. Our clients are our friends and we are humbled by the trust you have put in us.

Address: 322 Palmer St, Jamestown, NY 14701
Phone: (716) 240-2070
Fax: (716) 529-0001

I Adnan Faridi CEO and HostRush business owner studied Computer Science and Computer Management Information Systems at the University of Maryland and also hold several programming related certifications. If you scroll down below, I have attached snaps of some of them. I also have over 20 years experience in programming and internet related technologies.

In every apect of our hosting, our goal has always been to provide our clients with the best possible service, period.

At times, uncertainty can arise, but I am driven by my passion for the internet, computing and software engineering. I love what I do which makes my work and the long hours enjoyable. Every day is a challenge and a reward and the learning never ends.

Adnan Faridi - HostRush CEO

Email: adnanfaridi@hostrush.com

Our Story From The Beginning To Present Time

We started out as a micro startup and we pride ourselves in still being regarded as a small business. Computing and internet is our passion and our clients are our friends.

The present time

We continue to offer great web hosting

We continue to do what we love doing which is providing the best web hosting you will find.

And we still have a long way to go. We want to provide web hosting services to millions of people and businesses around the globe.

The journey has just begun!

October, 2017

Dedicated Hosting is added

As demand continues, we add dedicated hosting to our web hosting. In dedicated hosting, the client is given full access to a physical server which he can use according to his needs.

In Mar-2019 we introduced ServerDime where clients can rent lower priced dedicated servers.

The picture below is our actual HostRush van. A car with the HostRush plates. This was taken in Dallas, TX outside of our data center. I am about to go in and rack a few servers.

August, 2016

We now offer VPS hosting

At this time we have our own rented data center space and can expand our hosting.

In addition to our web hosting service, we start offering vps hosting now.

May 2016

WordPress Pre-Install script is ready

I wrote the WordPress pre-install software from scratch which installs WordPress on our WordPress hosting plans as soon as you sign up. This was complete and we started offering this with our WordPress hosting plans.

Due to the complexity of maintaining this we will take this out in April-2021 and manually install the latest version of WordPress in our WordPress hosting plans. We will begin a rewrite of our client area towards the end of 2021 and once that is done, we will add the WordPress pre-install again.

Jan 2016

Contracted with Dallas data center

To run HostRush we needed a continuously increasing supply of servers. We had outgrown our rented servers and needed control over the infrastructure we use.

At this time we rented our own data center space in Dallas, Texas. This would accommodate our increasing need of infrastructure.

Steadily we migrated everything from rented servers to our own infrastructure. To this day we continue our operation in Dallas, TX.

July 2013

Purchased Dedicated Servers

By now we had outgrown our virtual servers and needed more power and space to host our client's sites. We started renting dedicated servers to run our hosting business.

At this time we would provide just the following two services:

01 Shared Hosting 02 Reseller Hosting
November 2012

We started our humble beginnings

Adnan Faridi started HostRush from his apartment in Lackawanna, NY. We ran our hosting company using a virtual server from KnownHost.

A few names that I had considered for my hosting company were HostingCheetah and Teepi. I liked Teepi but if I remember correctly, it was being sold for around $800 which I did not have at the time. The other name HostingCheetah I thought was a little too long.

During that time DomainTools used to have a domain name suggestion tool where you would enter the subject and it would suggest domains available to register. It was a true gem and has helped me find many great domain names. And using that suggestion tool is how we found the domain HostRush.com which was love at first sight. It was available to register and I registered it instantly.

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