Best Price to Performance Dedicated Servers

  • Affordable pricing on all of our dedicated servers. Get more server at less price direct from the source.
  • Dedicated KVM / IPMI on most servers which lets you control your server as if you were in front of it.
  • Central US, Dallas, TX location which provides great latency to the entire US and beyond.

Cheap Dedicated Server Pricing

High quality, reliable dedicated servers at affordable rates

CPU RAM Drives IP Data KVM DDOS Price
Dual E5-2630L v2 64GB ECC 500GB SSD /29 IPv4 + /64 IPv6 60TB @ 1Gbps 24/7 10Gbps $70/m Order Now!
Dual E5-2660 64GB ECC 500GB SSD /29 IPv4 + /64 IPv6 60TB @ 1Gbps 24/7 10Gbps $77/m Order Now!
Dual E5-2660 v2 64GB ECC 500GB SSD /29 IPv4 + /64 IPv6 60TB @ 1Gbps 24/7 10Gbps $85/m Order Now!
Dual E5-2670 v2 64GB ECC 500GB SSD /29 IPv4 + /64 IPv6 60TB @ 1Gbps 24/7 10Gbps $95/m Order Now!
Dual E5-2680 v2 64GB ECC 500GB SSD /29 IPv4 + /64 IPv6 60TB @ 1Gbps 24/7 10Gbps $105/m Order Now!
Dual E5-2680 v2 128GB ECC 500GB SSD /29 IPv4 + /64 IPv6 60TB @ 1Gbps 24/7 10Gbps $120/m Out of Stock

We use name branded Dell and SuperMicro servers. Each server is configured with the best components, visually inspected and burned in for at least 72 hours before being put into service.

Affordable dedicated servers.

Our dedicated servers consisting mainly of the Xeon E5 family in dual processor configurations.

Owned Infrastructure

Fully owning and managing our infrastructure means we can offer you the best servers at competitive prices. All of our dedicated servers come with full dedicated IPMI which provides you complete 24/7 access and control to the terminal, bios and virtual media. This is the manufacturers unrestricted IPMI, IDRAC, BMC giving you kvm and virtual media access. Access and manage your server just like you were sitting right in front of it at your desk.

Dedicated Vlan

Each server is placed on its own vlan and assigned a subnet. We are able to provide /29, /28, /27 and even higher depending on your requirements. Multiple servers can also be put on the same vlan and subnet giving you a private network.

Branded Hardware

Our hardware consists of Dell and SuperMicro machines with the best components. We also keep spare servers and components on hand.

DDOS Protection

10Gbps DDOS protection comes standard with all of our dedicated servers.

Central US Location

Our servers being physically located in Dallas, TX provides for very good latency throughout the US, Canada and South America.

Exclusive Resources

Your dedicated server is exclusively yours with dedicated resources. This means no sharing of any resources.

Dallas, TX Location

Dallas, TX being centrally located results in very good latency within the US, Canada and South America.

1Gbps Connection

Our dedicated servers utilize 1Gbit connections giving you enough throughput to handle the busiest sites.

10Gbps DDOS Proteted

We can protect your dedicated server from ddos attacks of up to 10Gbps.

Dedicated IPMI

We provide out of band, dedicted IPMI for most dedicated servers. This allows you to control your server as if you sere sitting in front of it.

99.9% Uptime

We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee with every dedicated server.

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Fully owned infrastructure. Secured data center.

Our data center in Dallas is a state of the art facility with diverse path utility feeds, standby backup generators and 2N+1 configured UPS.

Cooling consists of Liebert (Vertiv) CRAC units in N+2 configuration.

There is restricted access with multiple security checkpoints. Round the clock video monitoring of inside and outside perimeter.

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Our Dedicated Server Features

  • Self Managed, fully supported
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Dell and SuperMicro servers
  • Dedicated IPMI
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Fast, friendly support
  • RDNS by support ticket
  • Dedicated vlan
  • IPv6 /64 available free
  • Ipv4 /29 and higher
  • Install any OS that you like
  • Complimentary OS reinstalls
  • Attach your ISO
  • Fast network
  • 24/7 support
  • Access to bios
  • 1Gbps network speed
  • Fast provisioning
  • New servers added frequently
  • True bare metal
  • Blazing Fast

What sets us apart

Why we think we are your best choice for dedicated servers

Extensive Experience

We have been in business since 2013 with thousands of happy clients.

Owned Infrastructure

We own and we control all of the hardware used to host all of our products.

Enterprise Hardware

When it comes to hardware, we purchase the best components. There is no cutting corners.

Caring Staff

Our staff is trained with the client as the priority. No ifs, ands or buts.

Robust Network

Fast, reliable network to give you the best price over performance value.

Central US Location

Great latency within the US, Canada and South America.

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Dedicated Hosting FAQs

We have answered common questions regarding our dedicated server hosting service below. If there is any further question you would like us to answer, please contact us.

Dedicated servers are physical computers, placed into a data center, connected to the internet and then remotely controlled by you. They are usually loaded with a server operating system, ie, Red Hat Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu or Windows Server etc. and perform any server task.

These physical servers are low level building blocks and part of the core infrastructure which runs and maintains the internet. All the websites, blogs, videos, apps and other media which you see resides physically in one or more servers. Virtually all hosting companies use and build upon physical servers no matter what product they offer.

With a dedicated server, you have access to a physical computer (server) which you can use for any purpose. It could be used as a web server, database server, backup server, virtualization node, file server or for reason that you like. Two common uses of dedicated servers is virtualization server and private web server where a client uses the entire physical server to host only his site(s).

While being a little bit more expensive, a dedicated server is a server that's dedicated entirely to you. Compared to a shared server, all of the assets are yours and yours alone.

This independence of usage can give the following benefits:

  • Increased security
  • Freedom to configure your server as you desire
  • No sharing of resources
  • Full utilization of I/O
  • Dedicated Vlan
  • Can have multiple servers wthin a Vlan

If your application requires higher compute resources or higher i/o, then a dedicated server would be a very good option for you. If you want your website to load fast and have a relatively busy site or are expected to grow, then you should consider a dedicated server. You could also benefit from a dedicated server if you are concerned about security or if you need to install custom programs or apps which cannot be done in a shared environment.

Starting with dedicated hosting with us is simple and we have your back all the way. At any given time we usually have several servers in stock. Scroll up to select and view server availability and see our dedicated server pricing. From there you can add your desired server(s) to your cart and pay for your purchase. We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. Soon after, a representative from our technical support will contact you to let you know that we have received your order and it is in progress. Then we will set up your server in our designated time frame and send you the login credentials. In the meantime if you have any questions you can freely contact us via our support system.

Your server will be located in Dallas, TX - USA. All of our servers are located in Dallas.

Your server will be set up in 12 - 18 hours. At times this could be quicker and in case of unseen circumstances it could take longer. But the majority of our servers are set up in 12 - 18 hours from time of payment.

Just about all of our servers include out of band, dedicated KVM / IPMI access which you can use 24 / 7. We use the server's dedicated IPMI port so it is not shared with any of your servers network cards.
Yes! We will attach any ISO that you want us to. This will be in the form of virtual media if your server supports it, otherwise we will burn the ISO to a USB flash drive and attach it to your server. You will have to open a support ticket and share your ISO with us.
Our servers come standard with 10Gbps / 10Mpps ddos protection. We are able to mitigate most ddos attacks and have had very few incidences where a site actually went offline due to a ddos attack, but this is not guaranteed and we cannot mitigate all attacks.
As standard practice in the industry, we cannot offer any refunds on dedicated servers. The only time that we could offer a refund would be if we are not able to deliver a server which you ordered or if a server is different from what you ordered.
We do permit bulk mailing for legitimate purposes and prohibit using our service for spamming. No client is permitted to send unsolicited email messages via our network. We continuously monitor our IP address reputation in black lists and in Microsoft SNDS. All clients that do bulk mail must do so in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act. If we see our IP addresses on black lists or SNDS, we could interrupt your service without notice.
We will set up RDNS for your server but not obscure RDNS records which indicate that the service will be used for spamming. We will require clarification for any questionable RDNS request. RDNS requsts can be initiated via support ticket.

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View dedicated server inventory, details and pricing. Choose and order your desired server.

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