HostRush - Web Hosting

Our Guarantees

At HostRush we would like you to be fully satisified and happy with our service. We strive to provide you with consistently superior web hosting which you can recommend and we stand behind our products 100%.

We make the following guarantees:

  1. No hassle, no questions asked money back guarantee up to 75 days.

    For All Plans Except for Reseller and VPS and Dedicated Servers

    For any reason whatsoever, within the first 75 days of service if you would like to cancel your service, you may do so and we will issue a full refund by method paid, no questions asked. Simply open a support ticket and let us know you would like to cancel and you would like a refund.

    If you have selected the monthly billing cycle, then you will have 30 days to try our service and request and cancel if not satisfied.

    For Reseller and VPS Plans

    If for any reason within 30 days of purchase, you would like to cancel your vps or reseller hosting, we will issue a full refund by method paid, no questions asked. Simply open a support ticket and let us know that you would like to cancel and would like a refund.

    All refunds will be issued within 2 business days.

    For Dedicated Servers

    There is no money back guarantee on dedicated servers. The only time we can issue a refund is if we fail to fulfill a commitment or if an inadequacy arises in our hardware or network which we do not resolve. Even in such event, any refund given will be prorated.

  2. 99.9% Network and Service Uptime Guarantee
  3. For all of our services, we guarantee our network and our service to be free from outage 99.9% of the time. If for any month we fail to satisfy this guarantee, you may claim credit or a prorated refund for one month's service based on the percentage in the chart below. For month to month billing, we will issue depending on your billing cycle. claim

    To claim your credit or refund, open a support ticket within 12 hours of the outage and within 7 days, open a ticket with billing and provide the initial support ticket number which was opened to report the outage.

    Uptime Credit
    99.9% Guaranteed
    99.8% 10%
    99.7% 20%
    99.6% 30%
    99.5% 40%
    99.4% 60%
    99.3% 70%
    99.2% 80%
    99.1% 90%
    99% 100%

    We make every effort to provide the best possible uptime in our means. However in the following situations, we will not be able to provide downtime credit:

    1. Attacks on our network, ie DOS, DDOS, ICMP, SYN flood attacks.
    2. Down time caused by client.
    3. Planned maintenance for which we have given at least 12 hour prior notice.
    4. Suspensions, interruptions or actions which we manually take for reasons such as non payment, abuse or violations of our Terms of Service.
    5. Force Majuere - Downtime resulting from events clearly not in our control, such as but not limited to natural disaster and strike.